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Step 1

Review documentation

When you decide to put your home up for sale in Portugal, it is very important to verify that you have all documentation in order.  As some of the property documents have an expiry date, we will review them and provide you with a list of the documents necessary for us to promote your villa. Make sure that any alterations, extensions, and other changed to the property have been correctly registered. Make sure you have your pool, garage, borehole; septic tank all correctly registered and have the respective documentation.   It is very important to have this 100% in order to not jeopardize a sale at a later stage.

If there are items which are not correct, we recommend you consult a local lawyer and/or architect to correct the documentation at this stage.

Step 2

Mediation Contract

Once we have received al documentation of the property, and ID of the vendors, we can draw up the mediation contract as required by Portuguese law. Without a signed mediation contract and copy of all documents belonging to the property we will not be able to market your property.

Documents need are:


  •   Caderneta Predial
  •   Certidão de Teor (Registo na conservatória)
  •   Licença de utilização (Habitation License)
  •   Certificado energético (Energy certificate)
  •   Copy of the ID of the owners
  •   Copy of the Fiscal ID Number ( No. de contribuinte)

Step 3

Preparing your property to sell

It is very important that the property is 110% in good order and well presented.

We advise to have outstanding maintenance and painting jobs done before putting the property officially for sale. Make sure the garden and the pool are well maintained and the property is clean and cleared from clutter.

Step 4


Exclusive Algarve Villas has their own in-house photographer and for high end properties we will contract a local photographer to make pictures and a drone movie of the villa. We will take pictures on a sunny day to ensure the property is presented in the best as possible. All our marketing is done via the internet and good quality pictures are extremely important. Together with the vendor, we will draw up a good but comprehensive description of the property before it will be published on the web.

Step 5


Exclusive Algarve Villas has always been at the forefront of new technologies, innovations and digital marketing. We have our own representatives in Belgium, the Netherlands and Russia who promote our luxury property portfolio in the Algarve. We advertise on worldwide +/- 150 property portals and have our own Google Adwords team who market our direct website.

Via social media like Instagram and facebook, we have built up a solid group of followers.

Via e-mail, whatsapp, mobile phones, website, and chat, we are in constant communication with potential buyers – 7 days a week.

Step 6

Booking client visits 

From when the property is online we will generally get the first enquiries in 1 to 2 weeks and we can start preparing for the visits. Most buyers are ‘overseas’ i.e. not within Portugal so it will generally take some weeks when the first visits will be scheduled.   Once we have the visits confirmed, we will notify you in advance.  For tips on best presenting your villa, refer to property-set-up

Step 7

The Sale

Once a client has an interest in placing an offer, we will communicate this offer to you immediately. Once there is an acceptance from you to proceed, we will then begin the sales process

To discuss how we can assist to sell your property we can meet at your property or schedule a meeting at our Lagoa of Vilamoura office. Contact us as or call +351 289 321 276



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