Sell my Property in the Algarve

You decided to sell your property in the Algarve, and now what?

Vendors often feel overwhelmed with bureaucracy, unsure of where to start from, when they decide on selling a property in the Algarve. At Exclusive Algarve Villas we are here to assist you all the way with the sale of your property and ensure that you optimize all aspects of selling your real estate asset towards a successful sale.

Observe your property prior to put it on the market it for sale, and now answer, how appealing is your property to buyers? What can you do to improve your villa or apartment for sale in the Algarve?

You guess it right, there´s homework to do!


Is my property’s maintenance all done?

Staging your property for sale is essential to attract buyers in today´s real estate market. Make sure that you keep your villa or apartment clean of clutter and personal items, use neutral colors throughout, open windows and turn on lights during viewings.

It is equally essential to present your property for sale to buyers well maintained. When you’ve been living in the property for many years, small maintenance jobs can be overlooked. Is your home in need of tender love and care?

Take care of any repairs needed before putting the property on the market for sale, to achieve the best selling price on your villa or apartment for sale. If you think that your property needs a new kitchen or bathroom, leave it to the next owner, as the buyers often welcome the idea of small refurbishments.

Is my property documentation in order?

It’s important that all your property documents are in order before listing your property with our real estate agency. We can meet with you and go through this together.

Here´s a quick checklist of documents required for real estate owned in Portugal:

  • Passport or other ID of the seller(s)
  • Copy of the Fiscal ID Number (NIF)
  • If a company is selling the property, the share certificates and holders of these need to be identified
  • Caderneta predial (finanças)
  • Certidao de teor (conservatoria do registro)
  • Licenca de habitacao (camara)
  • Ficha tecnica (camara)
  • Energy certificate
  • Floor plans (Final approved version with the stamp from the camara)
  • Borehole registration (if applicable)
  • Septic tank registration (if applicable)

Mediation contract (Agency Agreement)

Exclusive Algarve Villas is a licensed real estate agency with the license number AMI-7516 by Exclusive Living Mediaçao Imobilaria Lda.

As a licensed real estate agency, we are required to have a signed mediation contract (Agency agreement) in order to officially list your property for sale.  So, NO CONTRACT = NO SALE!!

Mediation contracts are normally valid for a 6 months with renewable equal periods, and can be on an “exclusive” or a “non-exclusive” basis. We use the standard contract approved by IMPIC, the organ regulating the real estate and building licenses. Any questions on the contract can be clarified by our sales team.

Ready to sell?

Now that your property is looking at its best, all the documents of the property are in order and you signed the mediation contract, you are ready to sell your property!

Our professional team at Exclusive Algarve Villas market your property for sale with the assistance of our in-house photographer and works with you on the property description, ensuring that all property’s features and equipment are well documented and presented.

For high-end luxury real estate, sea front villas and unique exclusive homes for sale in the West and Central Algarve, we also use the services of professional photographers and drone video services.


We publish your property for sale on once you verify and agree with the presentation, ensuring that the description is correct and all features are mentioned and correct.

As soon as you confirm all the details, your property will be displayed on our wide network of international property portals and websites. We also work with trusted national and international real estate agencies and investment contacts to find the right buyer for your property. For more information on our marketing click here

If you have any questions in regards to listing your property for sale with Exclusive Algarve Villas, please contact us on +351 282 353 019 or [email protected] and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Alternatively, you can use the webform below to submit information on the property you have for sale and one member of our sales team will be in touch with you shortly.

Thank you for your trust, we look forward to working with you soon!


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