2020 has already surpassed our best expectations for property sales

14 October, 2020

On the contrary to our worst fears, 2020 has already surpassed our best expectations for property sales.

It seems that when all is turned on it’s feet, the Algarve is the best place to land.

Our investment in our new website and international portals, has widened our world exposure, and ensured we reach all those around the world who had their eye on Portugal.  In addition, our dedicated service that comprises a complete portfolio of good quality and value properties from East to West, offers our buyers the possibility to search for their perfect home with ease and comfort.

Whether you are looking for your next holiday home, or a home in the sun, we can assist you with your search.

You may also be looking to take advantage of our NHR tax benefits, the Golden Visa program or simply for a good investment.  We will not only put together a suitable selection of properties, but connect you with all the right supporting entities.  All while enjoying the sunshine and escaping the harsh winters!

For property owners, this is also a good time to sell your property!  If you were contemplating placing your property on the market,  contact us for a free evaluation.  We will be happy to value your property based not only on knowledge of property sales in your particular area but rest of the Algarve as well.  

Our sales staff are fluent in one or more of the following languages: Portuguese, English, French, German, Flemish, Swedish and Cantonese, so please do not hesitate to state your preferred language.


We are available 7 days a week...

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